Ari Hershkowitz

Professional Wikipedia Enthusiast


Who I am


Currently at New York City College of Technology. Studying Computer Information Systems. Looking forward to a degree in Computer Science.


Since March 21, 2017. Been clean and sober from all mood/mind altering substances including drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and candy.


Correction: I try to be one ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Improving educational standards in Hasidic school in NYC is my primary goal. See Yaffed for more.


Technology was my window into the outside world that seemed so far away. Now, it has become my passion and source of income. See T-LON


Need I say more? It kept me going in dark times, and I like when things just have logic, reason, answers and predictability.

ACTOR (sometimes)

It's not the highlight of me, but it's worth a mention. It also gave me a platform to speak out on issues that I care about deeply.

About Me

I’m a formerly Hasidic 21 year old from Brooklyn, NY who loves, loves, loves technology (did I say love?), is hanging on to sobriety like a pro, and has this idea stuck in his head that improving education in Hasidic schools will improve quality of life for them and their neighbors. I make a lot of noise, and pretend to be better than I actually am. The end.

I care deeply about technology, rational thinking, education and cultural Judaism.

My sobriety date is March 21, 2017.

Stuff I care about


Cultural Judaism



Rational Thinking

My Work


To contact me directly, please use email or Facebook (for faster response)
If it is tech related, please visit my company.
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